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How to apply Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP)? Fruits and vegetables are different, so mastering methods and techniques will get twice the result with half the effort!

2020-11-06 10:59:00    来源:泰福特    阅读:3006

MKP is good, but how to use it to be really good for your crops is even more critical. You must know that MKP has a good effect on fruits and vegetables. But the physical usage and details of different varieties will be slightly different. MKP is the most widely used foliar fertilizer with high absorption and utilization rate. It can be mixed and used with general neutral, acidic pesticides and fertilizers

Topfert will talk about how to use MKP on the different types of crops as follow:


1. Wheat

Seed dressing:

Use 25 grams of MKP per kilogram of seeds (the specific ratio depends on the concentration of MKP), mix a small amount of water and evenly sprinkle into the wheat seeds, Pileup for 3~5 hours then let to dry and then sow.

Seed soaking:

Use 20 grams of MKP per kilogram of seeds (the specific ratio depends on the concentration of MKP), After weighing in proportion to the amount of seeds, mix the seeds with clean water in a container. Make the liquid level of the solution higher than the seed by about 1 cm, after soaking for 10 hours let dry and then sow.


2. Apple

After the fruit is bagged, spray TOPFERT MKP every 7 to 10 days to replenish tree nutrition and enhance photosynthesis, so that the fruit can be supplemented with nutrients in time and obtain comprehensive nutrients, and the effect is better.


Soak the seeds in a 0.2% MKP solution for 12 hours, then sow the seeds immediately after they are dried in the shade, and apply MKP at bell stage about 10 days before heading.


4. Cotton

During the cotton seedling stage, initial flowering stage, and the full bloom stage, spray each mu with MKP mixed with water respectively. In the Flocculating period, MKP was applied once in combination with watering.


TOPFERT MKP can help crops to strengthen their seeds, helps differentiation flower bud, preserves flowers and fruits, increases yield and improves quality, etc. Helps to reduce the harm to crops such as dry hot wind, high temperature, and freezing.